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In America we like to jabber about a home town getting a “Big Three” — world titles in our leading sports of football, basketball and baseball. New York, Boston and Chicago have come close in recent years. But the Knicks perenially suck, the triple threat of the Pats, Celtics and Red Sox haven’t connected all in the same year (they had a chance in 2004), and the Cubs haven’t won a World Series since dinosaurs ruled the earth.

But hold on, all you lovers of Things That Come in Threes. Today’s World Cup soccer victory by Spain sets up a potential International Hat Trick for Viva Espana! in global sporting competition.

Spaniard Rafael Nadal won the French Open to become the world’s No. 1 tennis player, then consolidated his lead with Wimbledon.

Spain won the World Cup.

And Spaniard Alberto Contador is expected to win the Tour de France (despite getting thrashed by our man Andy Schleck in today’s mountain stage), confirming his reputation as the world’s best pro cyclist.

We don’t know if any triviologist tracks this kind of stuff. We certainly can’t think of any previous occasion where it has happened. We throw ourselves on the mercy of Wikipedia and Crowd Sourcing for a definitive answer.

Meanwhile, it’s time to party Espagnol!!!!!

The post A Global Triple for Spain? appeared first on Bike Intelligencer.

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