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What’s aspyclist“?

Mark Cavendish takes a tumble at Tirreno-Adriatico, but somehow sprinters never seem to get hurt.

Sausalito by the Bay
is the latest town to consider taxing bicycles, and feel the burn of backlash as a result.

If you bicycle in Florida you have the highest chance of being killed of any state in the union. But that may be true of just about anything you do in Florida. We’ve never been to Florida, but if the novels of Carl Hiaasen are any indication, its infestation of drunken corrupt coke-headed crooks, thieves, liars and politicians might help explain the fatality rate.

In our continuing coverage
of continuing series, Cycling Bee‘s latest on Jobst Brandt and Alan Durning’s latest on Juice Hawgs (e-bikes) are up ‘n running.

Kent Peterson covers Trek Demo Day at Duthie Hill.

Good interview with Mark Weir on Muddy Roots … his love of cycling, his burned-down house, his Downieville legendry all explored.

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