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Flyin' down the ridge

As of Sunday, Miller Peak’s fabled loop was still under snow along the ridge. After being advised by a motorcyclist whose helmet read “Motos for Christ” that there was no clearance for the entire loop (he seemed trustworthy), we decided to do an out and back on Iron Creek. The “out” isn’t too bad, requiring some hike-a-bike, but the back is a total hoot, with jumps and whoops and swoopy downhill sections that leave you ready to go back and do it all over again all day long.

There’s quite a few creek crossings, none requiring even a feet-wetting, but otherwise the trail is in fantastic shape. We ran into a spot of rain but otherwise conditions excelled and we ripped coming back. OAB is not a bad way to do Miller, whose problematic south side (steep, loose, hardpan that is a nasty hike up but a switchbacky, speedless all-too-quick descent) continues to prompt season-long FAWOMFTs every year. That’s Frequently Argued Wastes of My Fucking Time.

Just view it!

Just view it!

That reason alone, and the fact that Miller Peak itself is a barren piece of nothingness with only a so-so view, keeps me in pursuit of alternatives most of the season. In this case it’s one of the earlier routes open, and worth the trip just for that rippin’ ride back.

Miller’s getting some grime time on too.

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