Bike Intelligencer » epicenter cycles All bike, all the time Mon, 20 Jul 2015 21:20:13 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Seattle Times Adds BikeIntelligencer As News Partner Site Wed, 01 Sep 2010 18:48:02 +0000 Hey all, We’re thrilled to announce that The Seattle Times has added to its list of community partner sites, now totaling 29 in all.

We feel first of all honored to be recognized by Seattle’s and Washington State’s leading newspaper as meeting its high journalistic standards, which we will continue to observe.

We also believe the partnership reflects the growing synergy between print and online media, to the benefit of both disciplines.

Most important, we are pleased that The Times sees cycling as a “community” — akin to the geographically defined neighborhoods that most of the newspaper’s partners cover. It’s certainly our sentiment, reflected in our reportage, that cyclists share philosophy and values aimed toward a better future for us all. Bicycle culture may start with the bike itself, but it encompasses a conviction that cycling helps create a safer, healthier, greener and happier lifestyle benefiting all of society. To the extent that we are united on issues like safe streets, climate change, health, fitness, recreation and the fellowship of the bike, cyclists represent a constituency as vital to the welfare of the city and nation as any neighborhood district or affiliation.

The goals of the partnership include:

* Enhancing communication between the respective sites and The Times to share news tips and perhaps collaborate on news gathering.
* Linking to and promoting stories on partner sites when it helps fill coverage holes.
* Exploring tools that might enhance advertising opportunities across the partner sites.
* Learning about how such a partnership benefits the respective sites.

As we see it, the shifting news landscape offers growing opportunities for collaborative efforts to our mutual benefit.

In addition to BikeIntelligencer, The Times added the U District Daily and Everett WA blog to its list of partners. Today’s announcement, as well as the full partner list, can be found on The Times Web site. The newspaper’s site also includes a fuller explanation of how the partnership works.

The Times also has a Facebook page dedicated to the news partnerships.

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