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Salt Lake Tribune on the David Zabriskie hyper-burglary: “Both Carlisle and 39-year-old Leopold Howard have now been booked in connection with the case. Police say the two took various items from cyclist David Zabriskie’s home. Some of those belongings included two cars, a racing medal, an Olympic ring, 13 bicycles, computers, space legs and seven Marvel comic statues.” “From businesses such as Nutcase Helmets to Bike Friday, Oregon’s bike madness fuels a $150 million industry. Not to mention that there’s an organized bike ride every 27 minutes.”

BushWatch: The former Prez still has the Secret Service entourage for his mountain bike rides. I just hope he’s gotten rid of the dorky bar ends!

Steamboat Pilot: “A 20-year-old Steamboat Springs man was arrested Tuesday after police said he ran into a bicyclist on Routt County Road 33 and hit two parked cars in downtown Steamboat Springs…” Good thing he hit the cars too or the whole thing would’ve been brushed off.

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