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Today’s Ride

Where I’m riding as you’re reading this, favorite mountain bike and bicycle commuting rides

Today's Ride: Around Lake Union hub

Meetings at the south end of Lake Union — Paul Allen country! — and Green Lake put me on a big round-the-hub loop. Down Aurora to Dexter, then cutting across south end of Lake Union to I Love Sushi for lunch. Then north on Eastlake to University District, picking up Ravenna and winding up at […]

Seattle Parks hearing on closing parks for bikes Feb. 26

Seattle parks commissioners will hold a public hearing on street closures around parks for bicycling, running and pedestrians from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday (Feb. 26) at parks headquarters, 100 Dexter Ave. (at Denny) in Denny Park. This is a great deal. We lived for some time next to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, […]

Classified ad of the day...

Classified ad of the day…

Today's Ride: Mountain bike commute downtown

I go just about everywhere in Seattle by bike, even in the rain. So for today’s downtown meeting I’ll be riding my trusty Titus titanium hardtail down Aurora, across the Aurora Bridge, then dropping to Dexter and making my way through the trecherous one-way maze of downtown Seattle. Yes I ride Aurora (Hwy. 99) because […]