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Pro road and mountain bike racing, as well as slopestyle and other bike competition

Breaking, er, in more ways than one: Lance Armstrong down!

Broken collarbone: “It has never happened before, I feel very disappointed,” he told reporters as he left the hospital. “I feel miserable right now so I have to relax a few days.” This could jeopardize his Tour, but maybe not. He wasn’t going to win anyway. A break like this usually takes 4 to 6 […]

Today's Ride: Round Lake Sawyer

Today's Ride: Round Lake Sawyer

A spot of sun, so I have to get outta Dodge for some trail ridin’!! Tiger Mountain reportedly is snowed in, so I headed for Lake Sawyer/Black Diamond and some more exploring. Sawyer is such a playground. You can spend hours riding in circles, not having a clue where in Sam Hill you are, and […]