News Cycle

Daily Roundup: ‘lectric bikes in Japan, Cannondale recall, Tweet, Trail maintenance, Travel tales, Rider Down Update

ElectricBike: “Japan Electric Bicycles Booming” Battery technology is leading the way, but the high price of fuel is pushing it along too. Top drivers: Delivery … Read more

Daily Roundup: Seattle Times coverage, Portland fights licensing, more high school mountain biking, Sidi harbinger

Seattle Times: “Attacks spur rider awareness.” The Times, in another example of why we need newspapers, covers the followup bicycle event promoting alertness to muggings … Read more

Daily Roundup: Seattle’s Bike Friendly Biz, Ventana’s Sherwood Gibson, Riding the “Flats”

Biking Bis has the scoop: “The Biking Bis headquarters neighboring city of Seattle had the most bicycle friendly companies — three, following by San Francisco, … Read more