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Tracking the Pivot Firebird

RC (Richard Cunningham) of Mountain Bike Action drools all over the new 6.5-inch travel Pivot Firebird on MBAction’s Web site. You have to chuckle at how RC tries to top himself with accolade after accolade, but here’s the kicker: “Those who have read this far might believe that we have exaggerated our report in favor […]

My Many Many Bikes

My first bike was a custom fat-tire special, built by hand by my grandfather in Seattle. I got it for my third-grade Christmas present. I rode it all over Seattle. It had no decals, no name, and was a bit big for me. It may have been made out of plumbing conduit but I loved […]

The Curse of the Pyramid

When you think pyramid, you think mystery, hardship, timeless and huge. And you think Pyramid Beer. Coincidentally enough, all the above also apply to mountain biking. Thus was Mire & Anthony’s annual pilgrimage to Pyramid Peak born. And thus, too, was conceived the Curse of the Pyramid. When I first tried three years ago to […]

Riding With Angels: Winthrop with Halo Intact

DAY ONE: Cutthroat Pass It always mystifies me, when I do a ride I’ve done many times before, what I remember about the ride and what I forget. Because it seems the harder the ride is, the more I remember the good parts and forget the bad bits. You would think it would be just […]

Team Mojo Debuts on Palisades!

A couple of years of riding a 35-lb. freeride bike had left me wondering if I would ever get back to alpine epics, the kind of riding that sucked me into mountain biking 15 years ago and turned me onto the great mtb community. Don’t get me wrong, I love White Flite, my pearl Intense […]