Who We Are

All bike, all the time! We’re a Seattle bike blog that tries to leave out the stuff you’re not interested in while covering the wild and wonderful world of cycling, from street to road to mountain biking with an eye toward safety and trail advocacy, health and fitness, and just plain having fun. Edited by career journalist Paul Andrews, who who wrote about cycling throughout his 35-year career, began blogging about bikes in 2000, and now divides his time between Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Cecile and their faithful but obstinate bichon frise, Maggie.

Bike Intelligencer considers bicycling in all its forms to be a leading cultural indicator on Planet Earth. Our aim is not just to link and report, but to explain and provide historical and social perspective on the growing phenomenon of two-wheeled pursuits. We cover all aspects of cycling, including news, advocacy, personalities, culture, products, trails and the plain fun of the thing, from folders and fixies to road bikes and freeriding.

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