So what DID you get yourself for Christmas?

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A poll on, the mountain biking geek-love site, has an intriguing stat. It appears that out of all cycling-related gifts cyclists give for Christmas, fully half are given to themselves.

It makes sense. Non-riders have no clue what to give us, especially since riders are (according to the poll) simply going to give themselves the presents they really want.

What to give the mountain biker who has everything? Nothing! He’s or she’s already given it to themselves!

But it raises the question:
Just how merry is your Christmas this year? (Assuming you’re not trying to keep it a surprise for Christmas morning…)

I admit to the following (so far):

Ibis 941 wheelset
NNic/RaRa tire set
Endura Singletrack shorts
Camelbak Volt pack
Titan bike stand
Park tools: chain whip, 8mm allen, chain wear gauge
Topeak digital psi gauge
Set of 10 presta replacement valves

I’d love to have an Ibis HD3 on the list but they’re hard to get and I’m not yet sure of sizing…

Anyway, swing on by the forum for more goodies. The poll seems confirmed by the forum discussion: The good stuff is going straight to the giver!


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