Sea Otter Classic Best Part About April

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The official kickoff to any mountain bike season comes with the Sea Otter Classic each spring in Monterey. This year’s event, running from April 10-13, is already shaping up for “best-ever” status.

One noteworthy change this year: Subaru is now the title sponsor. While we always smile at the irony of a car company sponsoring a bike event, we understand who has the really deep pockets here. And for mtbers at least, what gets us where we need to be.
April 10-13
Volkswagen held the title sponsorship the last couple of years, but to our mind, Subaru is a better fit for Sea Otter. You can’t show up at a mountain biking gathering, whether a weekend ride at your local trailhead or a big festival like Sea Otter or Crankworx, without seeing a fleet of Soobies.

Our favorite model, the Outback, swallows bikes for breakfast. In Sun Valley last summer we hooked up with a couple from Marin in an Outback. All of a sudden the four of us had shuttle options galore.

Subaru has held various sponsorship levels over the years and brought a number of great events to Sea Otter. We hope they’ll be showing off their latest lines at this year’s fest.

Another new and sure to be a crowd-pleasing addition is the Pump Park Invitational, officially sanctioning the informal pump-track pickup races of recent Otters. It’s a pretty simple format: Two riders face off and the first to the finish line wins.

There’s lots more to talk about,
but one thing’s for sure: April can’t come too fast.


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