Wahoo Fitness at Sea Otter Classic 2013

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Have you checked out what’s going on over at Wahoo Fitness? We had the chance to stop by the Atlanta-based company’s booth at the Sea Otter Classic 2013 and get the full rundown from Eric Stobin, national sales manager. (See video below.)

If you train seriously, you know how important numbers become. Heartbeat. VO2 max. Caloric output. RPM. MPH. Distance. Time. Comparables.

All these things are quantifiable. But it can be a real pain to track them.

Wahoo Fitness is cracking that nut. Using not separate dedicated devices but instead recent iterations of the iPhone, iPad or iPad mini, Wahoo Fitness melds data from its own devices and apps with other smart device apps to provide a comprehensive statistical overview of your workout or training sessions. Examples of compatible apps include Strava, iRunner, MapMyWalk, MapMyDOGWALK, MotionX GPS, TargetWeight and on and on. (The Wahoo Fitness Web site provides a slew of them.)

Wahoo Fitness covers the gamut of athletic activities: Cycling, running, walking, hiking. There’s even a “Balance Smartphone Scale” that tracks weight loss or gain and BMI. (As Bicycling magazine put it, the bathroom scale trumps all other data points.)

Wahoo makes a variety of iDevice, bluetooth-capable devices for monitoring fitness. Including: the “RFLKT” bike computer (mountable on handlebars). The KICKR PowerTrainer featured in the video below. The SmartPhone Scale. An armband, a heart rate strap and a speed/cadence sensor.

We’re still taking in the incredible array of Wahoo Fitness capabilities. But recalling the days of clunky monochromatic displays and awkward bike rollers or stationary cycles, where the number of soaked towels was the best indicator of workout effectiveness, we can appreciate how digital technology in Wahoo’s ingenious hands is creating a whole new world for managing fitness athletics.


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