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One response to “Bike Theft: The Silver (and Gold) Lining”

  1. Briand Beausoleil

    Hi Paul,

    You can add Bike Shepherd to that mix. BS is a free to cyclists platform where they can register, list stolen bikes, view stolen and recovered bikes, send out stolen bike alerts, link up with our Bike Detective army on FB and T and…buy a Pulse ID set of tags, if they’re motivated. The tags are scannable using free mobile apps on smartphones. Scanning a tag gives instant status of the bike: stolen/not stolen. The user of the phone (police, Good Samaritan, potential buyer) can immediately see the bike’s status, and from the phone, contact the real owner through the BS platform. The entire platform is geo-coded showing where bikes have been stolen…and found. Check it out. Bike Shepherd is in Canada, US and the UK. Soon, they will have sites in France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Germany. To buy a Bike Shepherd tag, you can go to your nearest REI, MEC in Canada, selected stores in the US and any of 1800 stores in the UK. Or you can buy them online from the Bike Shepherd website. Sales of the tags provides all the free stuff to cyclists and they’re an excellent deterrent to cycle crime as they’re very difficult to get three of them off. Any questions, email me.

    Bike Shepherd.org

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