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One response to “The 29er Conundrum: Revolution or Acquired Taste?”

  1. Dimitri Laddis

    Nicely made case. I think you’re right about “to each his own”. I have converted my stable to exclusively 29er over the last couple of years after having played with some very nice 26ers. But I see some points you made about 29ers that just don’t ring true.
    I dont fit into any of your categories. I am just shy of 6′, am not paid to ride a 29er and ride very rock gardens and rooty East coast trails. I prefer to roll rather than drop, and the 29er allows me to do so with confidence where a 26er would be endo-ing. I don’t like getting hurt. Climbing a technical assent on a 29er hardtail is akin to a sophisticated short travel full suspension 26er bike. Clearing a rock garden on a dual suspension 29er is unlike anything on a 26er. I ride with a varied group of guys, mostly 40’s to 50’s, and mostly shorter than me. They all ride 29ers, and each has seen their trail riding improve dramatically with the transition. I think 26ers actually offer a nimbleness to the racier rider that a 29er cannot match. its different. The rear end stays glued when you might want it to drift, but then tire choice can make up for that. I strongly believe 29ers are better for my style of riding. But I am well aware that others ride a 26er better. BTW my wife is 4′-10″ and rides a custom ti rigid 29er. Her confidence over rocky descents has soared and her ability to clear whole sections that she used to walk puts a smile on her face.

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