Tiger Mountain Biking: Preston Railroad Trail

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For mountain biking close to Seattle, it’s hard to beat Preston Railroad Trail on Tiger Mountain just east of Issaquah. There’s a nice 1,500-foot fire road climb to warm up with (you can also climb the trail on an out and back) and then the downhill fun begins. Anyone and any bike can handle Preston, but we prefer our long-travel Pivot Firebird to really rail Preston’s nastiness.

We happened to be running the GoPro Hero HD helmet cam when another rider came to a 3-foot ledge drop midway down. Whoa! Classic endo! You can find it at the 1:12 mark. Enjoy!


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2 thoughts on “Tiger Mountain Biking: Preston Railroad Trail”

  1. Fun video. What settings are you using on the GoPro HD? I have one as well, just starting playing with it…

    Viewed directly on my iMac after transfer from the camera – looks great. Once I upload to Google (YouTube) or Vimeo, resolution is shot – along with black bars on the video.

    Just curious on what your set up is. Thanks.

  2. You have to use full-on HD, 1080i or setting 5 (the number 5 will show in the main GoPro window), to get YouTube to recognize it as HD. Then you have to save as HD as well (when you “share” if you’re using iMovie), at the highest setting. Otherwise you get the black bars.

    Editing and saving as HD may slow things down but worth it for finished product… hope this helps!

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