Tiger Mountain Biking Northwest Timber Trail

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If you ride Preston Railroad Trail on Tiger Mountain near Seattle, you’ll likely be riding Northwest Timber Trail too. Here’s a look at some of its treats.

Thanks to Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Preston and NW Timber are slated to be linked for a giant singletrack loop on Tiger that will really rock n roll. For now they’re connected by a dull fire road, but still represent the most challenging singletrack in the Seattle area.


Tiger Mountain Biking: Preston Railroad Trail

Freund Canyon Mountain Biking, Leavenworth WA


2 thoughts on “Tiger Mountain Biking Northwest Timber Trail”

  1. “the most challenging singletrack in the Seattle area” ??? Not Tapeworm or New Parasite? Not climbing the lowest segment of Red Alder at PVCA? Not the uppermost .2 mile segment of Two Trees at PVCA (either direction)?

    I am out of step with trends here I guess. I also don’t think the latest changes to Preston RRT to be “improvements”.

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