Biking Mayors Rule!

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Seattle’s Mayor “Bikin’ Mike” McGinn is one of the high-profile cycling mayors in the nation. But others are in the news this holiday season as well.

Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert broke his ribs mountain biking and was said to “wince” at a recent City Council meeting. If you’ve ever had broken ribs, you know “wince” is on the high side of an understatement.

In Arizona, former Prescott Valley Mayor Rick Killingsworth rides a mountain bike to keep his heart healthy and strong.

Mayor McGinn rides a street bike, but as a Northwest mountain biker familiar with Puget Sound winters, we can say this: Nothing off-road holds a candle to the challenges of riding through Seattle in December.

And although McGinn hasn’t suffered any riding accidents, it doesn’t mean that Mike won’t “wince” at the next City Council meeting he attends.

Stay safe, one and all!


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4 thoughts on “Biking Mayors Rule!”

  1. George Bush Jr rode a Mt. bike and I consider him close to the worst president ever. So just because a politician rides a bike buys no votes in my book.

    On the otherhand, that “Mike Bikes” and was part of Sierra Club (rides the talk!) would influence my vote.

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