Titus Purchased by Little Known Brit Bike Company

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Titus bikes once were like a gift from heaven.
The remaining assets of once-legendary boutique bike maker Titus Cycles have been purchased by Planet X, a British company known mainly if at all for street bikes in this country.

As we noted earlier, Titus had abruptly closed its doors after running out of money after a long descent into poor management, layoffs and lack of tech and marketing focus.

What remains of Titus will probably be picked over by Planet X for tech, patents and miscellaneous inventory.

We’re sorry to see Titus go but will always cherish our titanium HCR hardtail. A little steel wool to that baby and it looks brand new every time.

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2 thoughts on “Titus Purchased by Little Known Brit Bike Company”

  1. paul

    I stumbled on your comments and would like to politely contradict your ‘probably” scenario.

    We are very much set on reviving titus and giving it a new lease of life , some titus employees will hopefully stay involved , and were going to be looking to provide a solid future for titus to be a success, with production and design of some models , new and old hopefully staying in the USA .

    We have previously had a very good relationship with Titanium maestros Lynskey so hopefully there should be some production out of Chattanooga .

    Titus does sit very nicely alongside our on-one brand and we would hope to run them side by side and we will surely be setting up on-one alongside titus and having a launch into the US market in the coming months .

    Right now we need some time to let the dust settle and contact all the current suppliers and vendors , and seeing which ones are keen to move forward with us . But please rest assured we have a lot of respect for the history and heritage of titus , and we are not in this for a short term ransacking of assets .

  2. Paul-

    To follow up a bit on what Dave wrote, Planet X and On-One (our MTB/dirt brand) see Titus as a compliment to our existing bikes. Titus will continue as a stand alone line of top quality mt bikes in both design and construction. When I visited PX / O-O last week I found a group of people that love bikes, ride bikes, and make their living from bikes. Not investors just looking for an easy quid. The rebirth of Titus will take some time and you will be able to watch the progress.

    On-One does have a following in the States, and the PNW. Small, but it is there. I am here to help spread the word as the On-One and Titus “Voice in America.” It is going to be a fun ride.

    -shiggy (in Wenatchee)

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