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9 responses to “The Story Behind Titus Bikes’ Demise”

  1. Mark Soltow

    A sad end. I still get a lot of riding enjoyment out of my Switchblade.

  2. jim

    And I continue to love my MotoLite, which was sagely recommended by the congnoscenti at MBA. But I need bushings for it. Know where I can find ’em?

  3. Switchblade

    I love my Switchblade.

  4. ted

    i have a 2010 el guapo, and love the thing and will continue to ride the crap out of it

  5. Jack

    i have a medium sized 2000 or 2001 racer x that was a little custom designed version called a hammer head. i broke the lt side rear triangle down tube. anyway i can get a replacement?

  6. Robert Damora

    When I lived in Tempe, Arizona, I found out about Titus Bicycle through a neighbor and Titus MTB owner. I pitched the idea of writing a story about Titus to the Arizona Republic newspaper.
    When I met Chris Cocalis he struck me as a very nice, and down – to – earth person who knew a great deal about custom – made mountain bikes. When he told me what it took to start his company (he started small while attending Arizona State University) I developed an immediate respect for him. Following the interview, I walked away and develo[ped a strong desire to own a Titus MTB. It was a fun story to write, and the complete story ran in the newspaper’s feature section.
    I am sorry to hear about the demise of Titus bicycles. I am glad, though, Cocalis started his new venture, Pivot Cycles.
    Good luck, Chris Cocalis

  7. Vincent Rodarte

    Planet X (from the UK) purchased the company and all assets and Titus has resurfaced in Portland, Or.

    Should anyone need support for older models, we will try our darndest to get you back on the trail.

    Planet X USA, LLC
    Home of Planet X Bicycles, On-One & Titus Cycles
    57 NE Hancock St.
    Portland, Or 97212
    P: 503-894-8956

  8. arnold

    best place i worked at i use to do all the hand finishing wok on all the custom titanium frames loved the place the workers and the bikes fun place to work i wish it was still around

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