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4 responses to “The Lauren Ward Mystery: Was cyclist struck by protrusion from truck bed?”

  1. Richard Masoner

    This one has had me scratching my head as well. The pinched from the left theory sounds the most likely to me.

  2. Fritz Knochenhauer

    I know Lauren’s husband, Bob Ward, very well. I have a very personal interest in this tragedy.

    The above mentions: “The big rig reportedly was headed for the northbound on-ramp for 280, just past the underpass.” Other reports stated “southbound.” Can you clarify or correct?

    Fritz K.

    [Ed. Thanks Fritz, It looks from the map like that’s a cloverleaf, which would indeed make it southbound. Funny, as many times as I’ve biked through that interchange, I can’t recall ever having driven that on-ramp.]

  3. Fritz Knochenhauer

    An additional point and one I’ve tried to research in CA DMV Commercial Drivers License Guidebook: What size truck or load requires a “pilot vehicle” and “WIDE LOAD” warning signs and flags? Pictures of the commercial loader/forklift on the flat-bed appear on the verge of what might require such an escort. Anyone have any commentary on this specific issue?

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