News Cycle: Giving Cranks for Turkey Day!

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Thanks to SeattleBikeBlog, Biking Bis and a gang of warm-hearted cyclists on a cold-fingered day, Seattle’s first Cranksgiving was a huge success. 900 miles to the south, we rode ghost tandem. Not sure where we’ll be riding on Turkey Day, but hope to see some feathered compatriots out there as in the below, photographed at Wilder Ranch near Santa Cruz on a recent outing.

In Santa Cruz: Are wild turkeys wilder at Wilder Ranch?

We’ve never met a park ranger we didn’t think the world of, and this one sounds no different. Hope he recovers, they find his assailant, and order is restored in Moab Utah. The latest on the search here.

IMBA announced its big Annual Fund drive. Donate today and you get a free 2011 IMBA calendar, which our wall sports several past versions of. [They need to do an app for the calendar, the pix are always sensational and make great Macbook/iPad/iPhone wallpaper.]


Titus Purchased by Little Known Brit Bike Company

Mickey Gendler Adds Another Victory for Cyclists


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