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5 responses to “Mia Birk Has a Message for Seattle Cyclists”

  1. matt

    Sounds like a great talk, she is doing some really good work. Cycling is such an amazing way to travel, and to get fit, and to reduce the amount of cars and pollution. I sometimes think that they should close off a lane of traffic and hand it over to the cyclists on the way into town centres during the rush hour – it would be such an incentive for people to ride.

  2. Peter Verbrugge

    INCORRECT Start time for MIA BIRK on Tuesday night- Its at 7:00 p.m., not 7:30 p.m.

  3. Arielle

    Thanks for the article – Mia’s very excited about the event! One small change: The event is actually starting at 7pm, not 7:30(Doors open at 6:30). We’re sorry if there’s any confusion.
    All the best,
    Executive Assistant
    Alta Planning + Design

  4. Meg

    Not to disparage what she’s done because I think it’s important… BUT… I find it highly ironic that Portland has the “No. 1 cycling city” sticker yet precious little love if those bike tires find dirt.


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