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5 responses to “What’s Behind Chuck Ayers’ Dismissal from Cascade Bicycle Club?”

  1. nwcitizen

    Yep, that’s how it happens. A good idea is co-opted by corporate interests when it starts to be really successful. Can’t have the rabble interfering with ‘business as usual’. I fear that no good can come of this.

  2. Gary

    $80K to run a local bicycling club? That seems a bit high, even for the boom times we enjoyed back in 2006. But with the economy sucking wind, you would think that you could get someone to run this club for $40K->$50K It isn’t that much work to process membership stuff, put out a newsletter, answer questions from the press and harass the mayor to fix the potholes on popular bicycling roads.

  3. Dirk

    Someone who actually has experience is going to cost more than $50k. Why? Because they’re already making way more than $50k. Chances are, whoever takes the position will probably take a salary cut. An organization the size of Cascade Bicycle Club can’t throw in some new college grad and hope it works out, they need to know it’s going to work out.

    Sure it’s a high salary, but someone truly effective will earn that wage 10x over compared to someone doing it for $40k and learning the ropes.

    Some positions are overpaid, but in my mind this is not one of them.

  4. rob j.

    out of all the complaints regarding this very suspicious move, ED salary is not an issue.

    ED’s or CEO’s of non-profits make at a minimum $80-100K, usually considerably more. median is over $150K and many exec’s salaries get into the $300K range. which is still FAR less than their for-profit counterparts. take a look at the Charity Navigator website if you don’t believe me

    80K is not a high salary. it’s barely livable in Seattle. holding the salary to 80-00K, CBC is going to ensure they get someone really passionate about bicycling, because that person sure won’t be doing it for the money.

  5. Gary

    I’m sorry, but a staff of 23, does not need a $80K/year paid leader.

    Oh and the board finally released a statement why they fired Chuck.

    It smells of old fish, way old rotting fish. I’m not familiar with the politics of this club, but it looks like an inside fight and takeover by Chris Weiss and Peter Morgan.

    An interview with Chuck would be in order now to hear his side of this dispute. And since the board is up for re-election (cast your ballot by Oct 21) No time to lose.

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