This Day in Doping: The pain in Spain

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Alberto Contador, having decided earlier this week to STFU on doping allegations, now is threatening legal action against news outlets. Guy really knows how to win friends, eh?

Contador of course is Spanish. In “cracking down” on five cyclists, or is it seven or 5+7=12, suspected of doping, Spanish authorities hoping to clean up Spain’s sleazy reputation went out of their way to point out that Contador was not among the five or however many. Not that they were naming any. Doping is, after all, a “global problem.”

Not that we’re implying any of this has to do with Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes, or one of the most celebrated doping cases in history. We can confirm, however, that Fuentes is Spanish.

Nor do we mean to suggest that doping is rampant in Spain, or that that country’s winning ways in soccer (World Cup title), tennis (Rafael Nadal No. 1) have any connection with a vast, widespread and inculcated doping underworld.

It all could be fairy dust.


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  1. Very opinionated website. It’s my first time coming across this site and will be my last. No objectivity expressed here whatsoever. I don’t get the purpose of this site. What is it’s contribution?

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