This Day in Doping: Contador’s non-winning personality

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Alberto Contador, always aloof, never charismatic, continues to disappoint with his puerile response to provisional suspension over a positive doping sample. Yes the substance, clenbuterol, is of somewhat dubious benefit. Yes the amount found seems infinitesimal.

So why not just sit it out holding your head high?

Instead the 3-time Tour de France winner, who we still contend did not deserve to win the 2010 title, is doing a Barry Bonds-style press tour that begs Shakespearean interpretation (as in methinks thou dost protest too much).

Tainted beef gave him the suspect reading, Contador contends. And if cycling authorities don’t take his word for it, he’ll quit in a hissy fit of whining pique.

If this is not resolved favorably and in just fashion then I would have to consider whether I would ever get back on a bike …

If the Sullen Spaniard is so sure of his innocence, why not just let the science play out and, once vindicated, let the result speak for itself?

Pro cyclists could really use a press agent or two. They seem clueless as to how they come across to a public long fed up with giving them the benefit of the doubt.


Tomorrow, tomorrow …

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  1. “who we still contend did not deserve to win the 2010 title”
    He won it like the champion that he is.

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