This Day in Doping: Contador defense unraveling

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A second allegation — that he may have used an IV to dope in the Tour de France — has surfaced against 3-time winner Alberto Contador.

The New York Times and Associated Press reported that traces of a plasticizer used in IV bags were found in Contador’s blood samples, indicating that he might have used a transfusion to refresh his blood during the Tour. Removing one’s blood, storing it and then replacing it with a clandestine transfusion is a documented way of cheating while eluding doping controls.

A Contador blood sample earlier was found to contain minute amounts of clenbuterol, an aerobic aid also considered a performance-enhancer. Contador contends he ate beef contaminated with the substance, but insiders remain skeptical.

Meanwhile, disgraced Tour champion Bernhard Kohl continues to note that in today’s climate it’s impossible to win without cheating.


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