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4 responses to “Just How Bad Are Things At Cascade?”

  1. kurisu

    Paul, who’s the “former executive” and Coward Emeritus? As far as I know Chuck Ayers is the ED who hired Hiller and cleaned house among the staff, so I’m not sure what “executive” capacity this person would have served in.

  2. Gary

    Looks pretty bad. The guy who built the club into a 14K powerhouse gets tossed by a board he helped pick.

  3. Gary
  4. Steve

    Cascade’s “advocacy” is too often “alienation.” Hiller’s style might be good in NYC but really sucks around here. It should be easy to pass certain safety laws. Hiller makes it hard. PC isn’t the solution. Advocacy skill is. That’s been lacking at Cascade: For every elected official supporter of Cascade’s advocacy there are probably 50 who oppose, for no other reason than the bullying stupid mob boss tactics. Cascade has turned off way too many people, way too often.

    I’m a guy on a bike who sees the damage done every day. It has meant millions in loses to bike safety projects and failure when it comes to sensible laws that make things more safe for everyone on the road or trail.

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