This Day in Drinking: Andy Schleck sent home from Tour of Spain

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Never suspended for drinking.
Well we’d certainly like to know the backstory here. Andy Schleck, runner-up in this year’s and projected winner of next year’s Tour de France, was sent home from the Spanish Vuelta for going out for a drink with Saxo Bank teammate Stuart O’Grady (who also was kicked out).

Team director Bjarne Riis, who has acknowledged winning the Tour de France in 1996 while doping fer cryin’ out loud, must want to set a squeaky-clean agenda for Saxo next season. We’ve never heard of an elite pro rider being sent home for having a nip after dinner, but it’s probably there in the Saxo Guide to Inappropriate Behavior somewhere.

In any case, Riis hasn’t been happy with Andy and brother Frank since they announced they were leaving to form a new Luxembourg team (their home country) right before the Tour de France. Riis was, however, gracious enough to say Andy’s disciplining “had nothing to do” with doping. Just in case some members of the cycling public don’t know the difference between Tanqueray and testosterone.

No word on what Andy’s poison was, but — recalling W.C. Fields’ great line, “Who put orange juice in my orange juice?” — we hope it was something more, uh, invigorating than a Budweiser.


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3 thoughts on “This Day in Drinking: Andy Schleck sent home from Tour of Spain”

  1. Yet another example of the double standard on drug use. Alcohol, and caffeine. The socially accepted drugs, Marijuana & testosterone the band drugs… God forbid that a racer ride while high.

  2. In reading Velonation, DK Sporten, Cyclingnews , etc., Schleck says out until 1 a.m. and 2 beers. O’Grady says 2 beers but says he was out on the night of the time trial, (??? What? that is not even the day in question???). Bjarne Riis, team owner, says more than 2 drinks and possibly out until 5:00 a.m. Trey Greenwood (Saxo) says it as a full-on drinking spree and in at 5:30. Spanish newspapers have stories about the two going out multiple nights clubbing while in Spain possibly with Cancellara. Any way you look at it, there is more to the story than anyone is telling.

  3. Lucky enough to follow 5 of stages to date. Saw Andy, Stu and others out and about having fun and a few beers, no problems. No doubt the “great dane” wants to rule the roost and rightly so. The guys who are moving on just wanted to exercise their elbows and their indepenence

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