Seattle’s Jill Kintner 10th in First World Downhill Championship; Issaquah’s Strobel 16th

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Seattle’s Jill Kintner, the world champion BMX and dual slalom mountain biker, turned in a respectable 10th place in the World Championship downhill competition at Mont-Sainte-Anne in Quebec this past weekend — a finish that left her a bit disappointed but still buoyant.

Tiger Mountain's own Luke Strobel.

As she wrote on her blog, which is turning into one of the better insidery accounts of the race scene:

For race run I was in the start watching the rain fall. Not that rain is bad, mud is fun, but not being able to see is my least favorite thing ever!!! I suck at pulling tear offs, and forgot to do it in the one spot I needed to, and rode tentative. Oh well, main thing yesterday was riding aggressive and not braking, but it is really difficult to do in such conditions. I had a good time, but not that speedy of a run compared to what I was capable of. Saint brakes were working too good:). I still took a top 10, which is actually decent for my first year downhilling. For sure need to build up my tolerance to full runs and speed in rougher conditions.

On balance, Jill had some bad luck with the draw and the weather. But Mont-Sainte-Anne is a crusher of a course, too — even if it’s dry! The fact she did so well in a discipline she is still learning attests to Jill’s versatility and grit.

In other results of local interest, Seattle-based Evil took down the silver in the men’s downhill with a smashing run from B.C. standout Steve Smith. It’s been awhile coming for Smith, who’s had some luckless days as well. But this time it all came together — congrats to him and the gang from Evil — including Smith’s teammate on Evil, Issaquah’s Luke Strobel, who was impressive with 16th in the men’s final.

Sam Hill, former World Cup rainbow-jersey winner, won as world champion in the men’s category and Tracy Moseley won for the women.

Full results here.


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