Rider Down: Grim Justice

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3 thoughts on “Rider Down: Grim Justice”

  1. I agree, this is a very sad story. I cannot imagine the levels of sorrow for those who survive these two young men.

    Paul, while I agree that there is a true need for justice in the streets, I find the tone of this post and its headline before the jump disturbing and heartless. I respectfully suggest that you consider the impact of this blog’s voice and the value of compassion and empathy for the real people who’s lives have really been upended by these tragic deaths.

  2. I am greatly disappointed that you covered this story with such an angle. The person guilty of hitting the cyclist certainly did not “dispense his own kind of justice”. He was mortified at what he had done and could not live with the grief/guilt. While I do not encourage suicide or driving while drunk or hitting cyclists, and certainly do not think that the large majority of drivers who hit cyclists get the punishment that they deserve, I think that it is irresponsible to paint the story in such a way.

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