News Cycle: Once more, with feeling

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Another day, another plan for the first cycle tracks in Seattle.

Bikejuju was at Burning Man! Took photos!

A good idea: The Washington High School Cycling League.

What happens when your bike throws a chain, costing you victory in the Tour de France as well as millions of dollars in endorsements? First of all, you change bike companies.

Oops. That’s undoubtedly what they told the cyclist who pedaled up to an estate sale, parked his bike, went to look over merchandise and returned to find his $1,000 bike had been sold… for $5!

Plans for the Issaquah
Bicycle Club continue moving ahead.


Philly Loses Chance at Most Naked Cycling City

Correction: No Cycle Tracks Yet for Seattle


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  1. Burning Man was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. Wow. I still have major afterglow. Why did nobody tell me all these years that it is basically a cycling event?!?!

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