News Cycle: Back in the saddle again

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Bike boxes have arrived in Seattle.

You can help support bike-friendly candidates at a Cascade Bicycle Club dinner Tuesday, Oct. 12.

The Red Bull Rampage, where Wade Simmons first showed the mainstream sports world what the thing called freeriding is all about and Tyler “Super T” Klassen pulled off one of the most memorable big drops ever, returns with live-Webcast finals on Sunday at 1 p.m.

The world road championships are Sunday as well, with newly crowned time trial champ Fabian Cancellara the man to watch.

Bike commuting is holding steady nationally despite job losses and lower gas prices. What we notice in Seattle is that it’s actually up, although statistical latency won’t confirm it for a couple of years.

The Race Across the Sky 2010 will debut Nov. 4. Tickets here.

Attendance at the big bike show Interbike was up 3 percent — nothing to crow about in the show’s final year in Las Vegas (remember, 2009 was a terrible year). It moves to Anaheim next year in early August.

The Bicycle Film Festival, in its 10th anniversary year, comes to Seattle next week (Oct. 7 through 10).

Crosscut revisits the Conlin Conundrum we explored a while back — how Seattle’s leading sustainability proponent counterintuitively supports Seattle’s biggest highway project.


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