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2 responses to “Interbike 2010: A year later, how’s that Kuat NV working out for ya?”

  1. Paul

    Great review, very thorough and you covered all the important points. You mentioned a rumored design change on the Thule T2, I’m looking at the 2011 Spring Dealer Guide from Thule and you’re absolutely right. The T2 will include an integrated locking cable that extends from the ratchet arm to lock around the bike frame. Expected availability, February 2011.

  2. Slsclimbhgts

    We tried another rack before buying the kuat. It was tricky using the lock when the bikes were on – locking to the hitch. It rained when we were camping and now the rack was going to start rusting. (When returning it to the store, the sales person told me I wasn’t supposed to leave the rack on the car, I was supposed to take it off and put it in the trunk!) The kuat is finished, I’ve had it on my car all summer, no rust. I can get in between the rack and my car to open my trunk. Even the store owner where I purchased it from was impressed when I went back to show him what it looked like on the car. Absolutely worth the extra $50 for the upgrades – the lock is slick, slide in, slide out. I’ve gotten many curious stares from other biking cars. They are admiring my rack and wondering where they can get one! I love my kuat!

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