Ferries Included, Cyclists Should Get Transportation Priority

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Courtesy Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce
Cascade Bicycle Club blog rightly gets indignant over proposal to make cyclists wait till cars are offloaded from state ferries.

The very people who are helping the state comply with the Climate Law, the VMT Law, the people who are taking up little space on the ferries and not congesting the roads around terminals — it’s those people who are a problem.

Right. You don’t disincentivize behavior you’re trying to encourage.


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5 thoughts on “Ferries Included, Cyclists Should Get Transportation Priority”

  1. Well, the other side of the coin is that while riding my bicycle, until the ferry empties out, I get run down by car drivers. Really the best thing would be a separate exit ramp from the boat to shore to a bike path. But that’s not going to happen, I side with cascade, let the drivers sit.

  2. The problem is most bicycle trips on the ferry are for recreational purposes which have little to do with auto trip reduction and environment degradation.

    If cyclists do slow the unloading of the ferry then maybe bicycles should be last unless they show they are using their bike for their commute (ORCA pass or such)?

  3. “Most bicycle trips on the ferry are for recreational purposes”
    SGK, would you like to back up your obnoxious claim with any actual data?

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