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4 responses to “Esmeralda Peaks: Wilderness Mountain Biking Defined”

  1. eric

    great write up and so glad you got to bag this ride. the climb up is a good workout and the views are amazing. the scree field down and then the climb up out of it was my least favorite part….yet when we got to Gallagher Lake and did the downhill, it all felt very, very worth it. i hope you felt the same way when you were done. i remember it being a really great wilderness experience and hope to get back to it again. thanks for the review!

  2. BBq

    Wha? I LOVE the first descent! Definately a personal challenge thing though. Love it. Could do without the jeep road but it’s short. And, the pre-second descent swim when warm out is definately worth it. Glad you finally got there. A “short” ride that definately feels like more. Another option is to have someone shuttle you from camp on the West Fork and turn right and up and over the spur to Middle Fork and take that back to camp.

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  4. raider

    sounds like fun! Im confused though why you decided to belittle hunters in the way you did? Infact sept 3 is well into bear season as well as grouse and speciel permit rifle elk as well. Hunters are out enjoying what they pay taxes for just as you are. Just because you hear a gunshot even if its close by doesnt mean your the target. the Teanaway isnt seattle or tacoma.

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