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3 responses to “Correction: No Cycle Tracks Yet for Seattle”

  1. Jonathan Maus / BikePortland.org

    interesting you bring this up as i’ve been having similar conversations with people at the Mayor’s office and other places here in Portland.

    I think that language and labels are very important.

    in transportation wonk terms, a cycle track is thought of as a physically separated facility at a minimum and usually has its own signalization and/or separate grade/pavers, etc..

    american politicians and their staff like to use the term because they are aspiring to be like the description above. here in portland, our cycle track really isn’t one. it’s basically a curbside bike lane with a buffer that’s separated by parked cars. In NYC they’ve got an almost identical configuration they — very accurately in my opinion — call a “parking protected bicycle path.”

    the reason these words are important is because if/when our city does go big and tries to put in a real cycle track, people will think of the existing, fake cycle track and won’t have the needed enthusiasm/understanding to get excited enough to make an actual real one a reality.

    clear? thanks for the post paul, i plan a story on this next week.

  2. Sean Varney

    The revamp of Broadway as part of the First Hill streetcar line includes a cycle track separated from the main traffic lanes by a curb and parking.

  3. Matt

    The recent road diet installations are an affront to all citizens of Seattle. I bike and I drive. The lame way that the roadstriping has been done really tears me up. Giving barely six feet for parked cars is an endangerment to bicycle riders. The mirrors are overhanging even for a Corolla. Let alone a truck that will not fit into this BS excuse.

    How about some real bike lanes? Like ones this article is speaking?

    As a bicyclist, I go out of my way to not become a statistic. As a driver, I am aghast at the lack of thought that has gone into the striping!

    More real bike corridors, less inanity by the SDOT!

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