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4 responses to “This Day in Doping: Laurent Fignon dead at 50”

  1. Gary

    Hmm, digestive cancer isn’t generally associated with steroids etc. More likely a combination of stress, unlucky set of genes, and untreated stomach ulcers.But heck, a lot of people die of cancer so the causality is more likely the same, poisons in the environment, ie residual lead from all the leaded gasoline we burned for 80 years, pesticides, herbicides, flame retardents etc.

  2. Richard Masoner

    I thought Fignon’s cancer started out as lung cancer that spread to his digestive tract, but Gary’s point still holds true.

  3. Richard Masoner

    Thinking on this some more: doping in the 80s would have meant cocaine and probably some weed as well. So maybe his dope could have contributed to a higher risk for lung cancer.

    A sad day nonetheless.

  4. joepappillon

    Thanks for this post, Paul. RIP Fignon…

    Anyone have any feedback on his autobiography? Worth it?

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