Test Ride: New U District Bike Lanes

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4 thoughts on “Test Ride: New U District Bike Lanes”

  1. Looks like another bike lane right in the “door zone.” Oh well, beats not having any bike lane but it still isn’t safe for kids.

  2. Besides exercising due caution in the “door zone” memorize the bike lanes potholes, gashes, chasms, crevices and other hazards before the morning and evening commutes are dark and they’re filled with rain water.

  3. My only complaint is that immediately after the new lanes were put in on Roosevelt and 12th I had *LOT* of people honking at me when I was riding north on 12th on the left hand side. I only make left hand turns and they’re only a few blocks apart on 12th. A possibly too short distance to cross the sometimes heavy traffic in those two lanes from the bike lane.

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