Seattle Summer Streets 2010 Hits Phinney-Greenwood

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Seattle Summer Streets 2010 exploded onto Phinney and Greenwood last night as they barricaded the boulevard and people poured onto the pavement to celebrate.

Mayor Mike McGinn, like many participants, was blown away by the turnout. Bubble Man put on his usual delightful show, booths from Feet First, Streets for All Seattle, Walk Bike Ride and others set a “streets are for everyone” theme.

Sustainable Greenwood-Phinney, bringing a focus on living simply and climate change, had a boom box playing ’60s tunes for “Dancing in the Streets.”

Balmy summer weather aided turnout. Restaurants and pubs were jammed, Santoro’s Books had a display of doggie treats and pet books. An accurate estimate of the crowd was probably impossible as throngs milled along Greenwood from 65th to 87th, but it was well into four figures and jammed the main drag at its height.

Shannon Markley, wheelchair-bound from a recent biking accident, got a surprise birthday cake and “Happy Birthday!” choir from the gathering. The mayor even stopped by to say hello.

“This is beyond my expectations, beyond anyone’s expectations,” McGinn said. “It’s the perfect representation of what Summer Streets is for — anything you want it to be!” also was there.


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