Rider Down: How to kill a cyclist and not be charged …

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Good idea: Offer a reward for info about a hit-and-run bicycle death.

Bad idea: Suggest that drivers who kill cyclists will not be charged as long as they stop to report the incident.

From The Oklahoman, today’s winner of cycling-insensitive prose.

The day after Spencer’s [hit-and-run] death, [another] bicyclist Clyde Riggs was struck and killed by a car while riding in the 5100 block of E Britton Road. That motorist stopped, and no charges were filed.

Entire story here.


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4 thoughts on “Rider Down: How to kill a cyclist and not be charged …”

  1. why is it that as soon as I’m riding my bicycle, all of my criminial, civil and human rights end?
    why is hardly any one ever charged in the death of a bicyclist? It’s beyond the pale!

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