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Bad news from Crankworx Colorado: Longtime Big Air commando Cam McCaul, leader of the Aptos Bandidos, crashed on a front flip trick and snapped his femur in two. Talking to PinkBike, Cam is in his usual high spirits. As well he should be: The guy could’ve been paralyzed for life. We’ll miss him at Whistler Crankworx but hope to see him back on the trails around Nisene Marks next spring.

Good news from Crankworx Colorado was that Seattle homey Jill Kintner took top honors in the Dual Slalom and the Downhill. At Whistler, however, Jill got off to an uncharacteristic start, taking “only” 3rd in the opening-day Dual Slalom. On her blog she complains of being “off my game,” but watch for her in the other Whistler events!

Intriguing story from Cyclelicious on military funding of blood doping research. Well worth a read.

Normally a time trial, where lots of riders are on the road at the same time and it’s obvious an event is under way, is the last place you’d expect a car to strike and kill a cyclist. But when it comes to cars and bike, expectations count for very little.

BikeJuju wants to know: Why are you here?

VeloNews interviews Johan Bruyneel on Team Radio Shack’s Tour de France and outllook. Two questions we wished they had asked: Does he think doping allegations had anything to do with being dis-invited from the Tour of Spain, and without Lance, what are his expectations for next year’s Tour?


Third Colorado Crankworx in a Row for Semenuk; Whistler Next?

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