News Cycle: Just rolling along

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We were out of town for the Dead Baby Downhill this past weekend, but fortunately BikeJuju was on the case again!

LeBron James is
quite the cyclist.

Check for “near real-time” coverage of the Leadville 100 this Saturday.

Beware potential con men on bikes!

The burning, er, pressing, um, well, how about musical question of the day: Should I buy my son a jockstrap for mountain biking? is ably answered by BikeExchangePDX.

The Cedar River Trail
east of Renton is closing from August 16th to September 3rd. More details from BikingBis.

Robb asks, “Does mountain biking require the mountain?” All you have to do is read our Sun Valley series on “Real Mountain Biking, in Real Mountains” to know we wholeheartedly agree. [And yes, Joe Breeze and Gary Fisher rode Mt. Tamalpais and Pine Mountain back in the day — and still do!]


Sun Valley Mountain Biking, Day 1: The girl with the duct tape band-aid

Sun Valley Mountain Biking, Day 2: Cow Crick the hard way, and what happened to Tecate?


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