News Cycle: Getting back up to speed

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August has been a brutal month for News Cycle due to a distinct paucity of … actual news!

Things should pick up after Labor Day. In the meantime, some holiday season links:

One of our favorite bike writers, Zap, hearkens back to the day when.

Another favorite bike writer, Jacquie Phelan,
blogs the here and now with the back-then-ers.

Fellow blogger BikingBis reiterates, there’s always hope for the future too!

As part of Issaquah’s push to become a cycling hotbed, there’s a new club forming.

BikeRadar with a great interview of Mark Weir.

Help the city count Seattle’s burgeoning bike commuter population.

You read something like this and have to wonder: What kind of bike was it?


Rider Down: How to kill a cyclist and not be charged …

This Day in Doping: Laurent Fignon dead at 50


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