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In Colorado a 24-year-old driver got ticked off at three cyclists who were, in his words, hogging the road. When he got out of his car and they tried to go around him, he went after them with an aluminum baseball bat. The cyclist who held his bike up in self-defense got it busted to pieces — a Trek carbon frame worth $4,800. The suspect, charged with felony menacing, criminal mischief and harassment, probably will walk. What we want to know is, who pays for the Trek?

SeattleLikesBikes discusses how to fight the good fight on road diets.

The San Francisco Bicycle Coaliton asks, How much is doubling the number of bike lane miles worth to you?

Velotopia reports first-person from the RSVP.

Congrats to Rick Vosper,
one of our favorite bloggers at Bike 2.0, who has taken over as director at Airborne Bicycles. We expect to be hearing more — a lot more — from Airborne, whom we lost track of as an affordable ti hardtail builder back in what, the ’90s? Best news is, Rick will continue with his blog.

As we suggested before Sound Transit light rail got going last year, bicycle use would far outstrip predictions. Now ST has decided to add 173 bike lockers and 25 racks over the next two years to accommodate demand.


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  1. thanks for the story from colorado. WOW! How would this young man feel if someone threatened his Mom with a baseball bat? He should pay for the damaged bicycle.

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