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4 responses to “Idaho Mountain Biking, Day 6: Long Canyon — it’s all about the trail”

  1. Al

    The Long Canyon Trail may be lost to riding due to a forest plan revision that includes it in a recommend wilderness area.

  2. dave downing

    I’ve been hearing rumors of this trail, this was a great TR to find. Thinking of making a road trip over from Whitefish as soon as possible. What time in the spring did you go?

  3. Shaun Morgen

    Rode Long Canyon this weekend and filmed it so peope know a little better what its all about. Warning this is an epic ride taking good riders 4-5 hours and average riders 5-6. It is not a down hill only ride and the 2,200′ doesnt seem like much but 1,000′ is in the first mile and most of the rest is in 2′ increments over 18 miles where your powering up and over things. I didnt film any of the climbing because really who wants to see a slow moving middle age guy sweating up a hill. If it has rained prior to your ride expect lots of wet, slick roots since this is a high canopy old growth forest; still ridable just watch your approach angle.
    Dont let my warnings discourage anyone because this is a world class ride that should be on ever MTBers bucket list. Just be prepared and then go have the time of your life!
    Rideable Season Mid-June through Mid-October

  4. Al

    FYI. The trail will be closed to mountain bikes by the summer of 2015 due to a Wilderness designation for the area.

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