Galbraith Mountain: Riding Unemployment Line

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Our longtime friend Bruce Brown aka Mongo, the Guru of Galbraith and progenitor of one of the Web’s leading mtb sites, the inimitable, hooked us up with himself and a couple of super strong locals, Steve and Mark, the three of whom meted out fearsome punishment to this city wuss all over the mountain.

Lead-in ramp to Unemployment Line.

Bruce’s facile documentation makes me look like a real mountain biker — although as he notes in the cedar stump jump, I almost manage to take him out even as I try to avoid hitting a fresher stump right in my flight pattern. Bruce survived to tell the tale, and we all had a great time capping off Tour de Galby with Eric Brown’s fantastic new Unemployment Line and Atomic Dog (which is shaping into arguably Galbraith’s best in Bruce’s opinion, me seconding).

iPhone app Motion X GPS caught it all.

It was a great day, which we caught on our iPhone with Motion X GPS. I love this $2.99 app but it’s not without caveats, which we’ll explore in a forthcoming review. For now the word is, hit Galbraith asap. The trails are buff (Unemployment has berms the size Maverick waves) and you can spend all day riding switchbacks without ever knowing exactly where you are, let alone repeating yourself.


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