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3 responses to “First Glance: LeMond Fitness’ Remarkable New Revolution Trainer”

  1. Gary

    Shill! “We’ve never seen, ridden, tried one, but we love it.” Come-on, what sort of kick back are you getting?

  2. Gary

    Sorry to be so harsh, but really, let me try to write what I would have liked to see you write about a product announcement.

    “It emulates wind resistance for a more progressive pedal-through.” by driving a fan via a belt. These belt fans have been used for years on Ketler Rollers with good results.

    Unlike rollers which require you to pay attention and balance because the rear wheel is locked into lace, “It’s really stable — you don’t feel like you’re going to tip the thing over when you put down the hammer. I have used trainers with the rear triangle supports and this one because it has a wider stance of N inches should be more stable.

    It’s easy to store: 2 feet long, a foot high, 22 inches wide. Weight: 35 pounds., because it folds up, (BTW, a 2×2 ft square is not easy for me to store, it’s too wide for my closet. Have you measured your’s?)

    You can skip buying a power hub and use “Its wireless power meter gives you all the right info (watts, cadence, distance, speed, heart rate and calories), and has USB downloadability for your long-term record-keeping.”

    The suggested price point at $ seems reasonable given what a good set of rollers at bikeWorlds.. for $, or a crappy rear wheel stand at $. But with this setup you’ll get a power hub saving you $$$.

    Editing, it’s what newspapers used to have and blogs have never had.

    Sorry to dump on you, but if you are going to evaluate a product you need to give details, why you like it, specs, like why it’s better, cost..why I should think it is a reasonable value. Cons: Still runs your outside bike chain which will drip/throw dirt grease unless you clean it and lube it with a dry wax lube. And even then you may find bits of wax in the carpet.

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