Bullet Dodged, Devils Gulch Trails Have Reopened

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[UPDATE: As of today (Friday Aug. 6) the trails have reopened, according to Leavenworth station.]

Closed by lightning fires since last week, the popular Devils Gulch/Mission Ridge mountain bike trails may reopen as soon as today, the Forest Service’s Leavenworth office says.

The fire is “100 percent lined,” or fully under control, the office told Bike Intelligencer.

No trails were damaged by the fire. But closures went into effect for the safety of public, as fire personnel kept active in the area.

Devils Gulch is one of the oldest, and best-known, mountain biking trails in the state of Washington. The figure-8 loop combining Gulch with Mission Ridge is a favorite for spectacular views and challenging terrain.

Devils Gulch fire: 37 acres, but no trails affected

The fire looked to be on a ridge adjacent to Mission. Shiggy and the gang are on the case on MTBR.com.

We’ll keep checking and report back any updates, but it looks like we dodged a bullet on this one.


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