This Day in Doping: Lance, LeMond jab and jabber

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Greg LeMond: “It’s the beginning of the end” for Armstrong. We did get a chuckle out of Greg’s marvelously syllogistic assessment that “Up until now, he [Lance] has achieved great things, if you consider he did it fairly, which I don’t believe.” ‘Nuf said!

Meanwhile, Lance drops the hammer on Greg, implying that LeMond juiced his way to the most thrilling Tour victory of all time, his 8-second triumph in the final time trial into Paris in 1989. LeMond should “tell the truth” about that Tour, Armstrong told French television.

We cannot recall anyone, Tour rider or otherwise, accusing LeMond of cheating. In any case, this seems a new twist in the Doping Wars that surprisingly has generated little followup — perhaps because it seems so far afield.

Slate logs in with another Lance bashup, and that’s all the doping news for today!


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